Resetting from a culture of busyness

Long before Covid-19 changed our lives, we were already living in a pandemic – one of busyness. Aussies do 3.2 billion hours of unpaid overtime a year alone - and I don’t know anyone who says they get enough sleep. Our busy lives are pulling us all in different directions as we try to meet obligations and demands. I know that Anna and I work long days here in Sydney and with looking after three boys (and their busy lives too), its easy to lose connection and focus on the important things – for us, that’s our family.

One positive from Covid-19 is it forced everyone to slow down a bit and take stock. But being in lockdown presented other challenges so as soon as we were able to get out and start exploring our own backyard we did – we wanted to reconnect in a natural environment and be together without the usual busy schedules we all have.

Our pick? Just over an hour’s drive away at the historic Simpsons Cottage in the Royal National Park in Bundeena and surrounded by nature and beauty. For us, it’s about the basics – fishing, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding and collecting firewood for our chats around the fire.

If we can all take something out from this pandemic, it should be to focus on who and what is important and give them/it the time to breathe, grow and nurture. Health, relationships, work, laughter – it’s all important, and needs to be given the time it deserves. How will you reset after the pandemic?

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