Collagen protein - the perfect training partner

We waited a long time for the Tokyo Olympic Games and thank goodness they're here to give us something to watch and aspire to as we battle another extended lockdown. There’s something so special about sport and exercise – it brings out the best in our physical and emotional wellbeing – just ask the coach of Ariarne Titmus! 
Unfortunately for many of us, racing out to up the ante on our fitness can result in musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries like strains and sprains. These are common and you’re in good company – they are the most prevalent type of sports injury, with more than 50 per cent of all injuries in sports classified as sprains, strains, ruptures, or breaks of musculoskeletal tissue
The majority of these soft tissue injuries occur when a large amount of pressure is placed upon a bodily structure. This largely happens because physical traits like strength, power and speed are essential to optimise athletic performance and are dependent on stiff connective tissues, which in turn are reliant on their collagen content. 
Your connective tissues actually hold your bodily structures together and comprise two different proteins: collagen (found in tendons, ligaments, skin, cartilage, bone and blood vessels) and elastin (ligaments and skin). These two proteins are important building blocks for your connective tissues and may help minimise loss in the muscle mass that can be experienced when you’re laid up or less active due to an injury. 
We wish we could tell you of a magic cure for healing your injury – it can be so easily debilitating – but we can share with you a magic ingredient that we found to be a fantastic training partner and may help amplify a faster rebuild and repair of any damaged tissues. That my friends is collagen supplementation. Research finds that “nutritional and/or exercise interventions that increase collagen synthesis and strengthen these tissues could have an important effect on injury rates”.
We know that everyone can be a winner - who could forget Steven Bradbury? And so we created forté-life protein powder to be a reliable training partner with you every single day, no matter what else is going on and who is cheering you on. This grass-fed collagen peptide supplement is easily blended in your coffee, smoothie or baking and has been through a process that breaks down its amino acids to make them easier for your body to absorb. It is bursting with amazing amino acids – glycine, proline and hydroxyproline – all rich and ready to help your body make new collagen. 
So if you're recovering from an injury, inspired by the Olympic Games to get moving or just trying to beat the lockdown blues, exercise is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing. Just ask those who move every day for that very reason. And remember, a daily dose of forté-life may help ensure you can do so with as much enthusiasm as Ariane Titmus’s coach Dean Boxall and feel the unbridled joy of winning like Steven Bradbury.

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