Join the forté-life spring clean challenge

Welcome to the forté-life spring clean challenge!

With most of our forté-life family still in lockdown, we want to make sure that you spring into the new season with a renewed enthusiasm for your health and fitness – it’s more important than ever now for our bodies and our minds.
Over the first 20 days in Spring starting from September 1, please join us to:
  • Enjoy a 20-minute high-intensity functional workout (check out the video for ideas) OR take 20,000 steps every day
  • Engage in an active recovery including replenishing your body with a scoop of your favourite forté-life
But don’t forget, your recovery is just as important. In fact, you should dedicate as much effort to your recovery as you do your workout. This means giving yourself that same time so your cells and muscles can repair and prevent injury from overuse and fatigue.
  • Drink plenty of water – especially to replace what you lose when you sweat. Did you know that your body sweats to regulate your body temperature?
  • Supplement with bioavailable collagen protein like forté-life – you need it in your diet to repair cells and make new ones. Our forté-life powder makes this easy – just a scoop in your coffee or smoothie and you are set to supercharge your recovery. It’ll support your gut health, help eliminate toxins and heavy metals, revitalise your skin, hair and nails, support your joint and bone health and aid in balancing your hormones. 
  • Eat a balanced diet – this may be obvious, but it is hard when the lockdown fridge easily beckons. We love eggs (both the whites and the yolks) because they are rich in protein and other nutrients – plus are easy to cook. Add avocado and spinach to a scramble and you’re well fuelled for the day. 
  • Get on the foam toller – all the superstars do! Just 20-minutes of foam rolling immediately after exercise will do wonders for reducing muscle tenderness and may help improve joint range. It’s a great investment for lockdown, especially while you’re limited to home. We also love myofascial release techniques, which are a form of self-massage intended to bring hydration back into your muscle and fascial tissues. Check out how to do this here.
  • Switch between high-intensity and low-intensity workouts – and make sure that you alternate between activating the muscle groups to give them adequate recovery time between sessions.
  • Enjoy an active recovery – this can help reduce lactic acid build-up and increase blood flow to your muscles. Why not go for a quick cold-water swim (if it's within your 5-kilometre lockdown radius or a cold shower will work too). It boosts your immune system, burns calories, and actually reduces stress.
Remember, your muscles undergo quite a bit of stress during exercise, so be just as focused on getting good quality sleep, re-hydrating and consuming the right foods and proteins. This will help set you up for your next workout – and most importantly a springtime routine that you’ll carry on far beyond lockdown. 

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