The soul of the sand 

My personal favourite fitness activity is soft sand running. I’m lucky I get to run at Bondi Beach where I grew up. It’s a perfect place to have a dip after my run and hang out with family or friends.

Running on the beach does many good things:
  • Improves your running technique
  • Builds your strength by stabilising muscles and coordination
  • Increases your calorie burn
  • Gives you the most value for your time
  • Places 'good stress' on foot muscles you don't normally use 
  • Great for high intensity and endurance.
The difference between soft sand running and regular running is in the stability needed when running in soft sand compared to a harder surface like on a road or track. But don’t stress if you’re not a runner – walking in the sand is just as good for your health and your mind.

Plus going barefoot and being cushioned by the sand helps restores your natural walking pattern and gives you stronger leg muscles, which supports your lower back. And it just feels amazing when the sand is between your toes. Thats good for your mental health too.

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