Functional 40-day challenge - overview

collagen fitness forte-life functional functional fitness health challenge

Join our forté-life functional 40-day challenge

We want you to be the best version of yourself:

  • From the inside - by adding our collagen superfood to your daily routine
  • On the outside - with functional fitness routines that we've created

And it’s all about having fun with us on the forté-life functional 40-day challenge 

You’ll enjoy:

 To be part of the 40-day challenge, simply:

  • Enjoy 2 scoops of forté-life every day 
  • Workout five days a week
  • Email, tag or DM us to let us know you’re part of the challenge
  • After 40 days, let us know how you feel - you could win a cool prize pack by telling us how forte-life has changed your life.

Instagram: fortelifeau
Facebook: fortelifeau
LinkedIn: forte-life

Winners will be judged on 28 February 2021.

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