Why collagen is your body’s best mate

All you need to know about the role of collagen in your diet 
Collagen is a long-term friendship. 
It’s your body’s most abundant natural protein and besties with your skin, connective tissue and bone mass thanks to its rich amino acids. And while it may be abundant in your youth, as you get older and busier, your body makes less and less of the good stuff, leading to wrinkles, saggy skin, joint stiffness, weaker bones and thinner hair.
But all is not lost.
There’s a lot to know about your hard-working mate collagen – and we’ve simplified it for you.
To be friends for life with your body, it all starts with your morning coffee, chai or smoothie. It’s as simple as adding a grass-fed collagen peptide supplement like forté-life protein powder blended in your morning coffee – an easy way to get a good boost of collagen supplementation every day.
But there’s so much more to the power of collagen. Scientists are continually uncovering amazing benefits of collagen supplementation to support everything from gut and digestive wellness to bone and joint health.
But as I said, let’s not over complicate things. Just remember these five things and you’ll be reaching for collagen peptides for an easier journey towards a healthier mind and body.
  1. Collagen peptides (also known as collagen powder and hydrolysed collagen) is simply collagen that’s been through a process that breaks down its amino acids to make them easier for your body to absorb. This means simply adding them (we love forté-life protein powder of courseto your favourite meal will enhance their efficacy.
  2. Collagen peptides are bursting with amazing amino acids – glycine, proline and hydroxyproline – all rich and ready to help your body make new collagen. Forté-life is made from Type I and II bovine – so in a single scoop, you’re feeding your body a great mate’s meal.
  3. Collagen helps your skin replenish and rehydrate, enriches your hair and nails, and optimises the elasticity of your skin to be more supple. All this with a daily teaspoon of our protein powder in your coffee. Who said coffee wasn’t good for you?
  4. It’s an excellent support to your joints. Want to be more flexible or say goodbye to exercise-induced joint pain? Collagen peptides are your answer. There are plenty of studies to show how it can enhance your quality of life when it comes to bone and joint health. Moving easily has never been easy!
  5. It is naturally occurring in many everyday foods, so in addition to adding forté-life to your coffee, smoothie or baking; you can top up your collagen by enjoying the yolk of your eggs, boil up those roast chicken bones for a homemade bone broth with plenty of garlic and add citrus and berries to your smoothies. 
We think the easiest, most reliable way to make sure you’re getting meaningful amounts of bioavailable collagen peptides is from a protein powder like forté-life made from grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone-free cows. Flavour your smoothie or coffee or baking with Vanilla or Choc; or keep it au naturel with Pure.

And don’t forget, C is also for Vitamin C – essential for helping your body make its own collagen protein – so get your five a day however you best enjoy your fruit and vegies. Leafy greens and fresh berries are fabulous for C - try our favourite dishes.
The best friendships are forever, so welcome forté-life to your world – an exceptional lifelong mate.

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